ASCA CH IN Hillbillys Paint It Black CHR CHR I CHR II DNA-VP "Jagger"
Black c/w
HOF VCH WTCH CH Diamond Aire Midnite Smoke CDX RM AFTDs OFTDdm RTDsc DNA-VP
Black c/w
Legends Boomvang Spring Fever Standing Ovation
Legends Copper Canyon Watch Me
Diamond Aire Midnite Mystique Diamond Aire Forever Blue
Markis Minnie Mouse
ASCA CH IN Hillbillys Million $ Baby RNX DNA-VP
Black c/w
Crofton Hide And Seek Kaleidoscope Stone Ravenwynd
Crofton Remember Wren
Red Magic's Winona Of INdiana Blue Mountain Christmas Surprise
Sally von der Lerchenmuehle
Dt. CH VDH & Club Wildsong's My Yankee Doodle Limited Edition CHR CHR I CHR II BH DNA-VP
Black w
CH Krossfire Doodle Dandy of Po DNA-VP
Black w
Daydream's Baxter Black Gabrielinos Charlie Chaplin
Daydream Rockin The Night Away
Krossfire Trick or Treat Krossfire Texas Ranger 
Prizm's Mocha Moka
Goldcrest Pretty Little Ditty CHR CHR I CHR II VT ASCA RS-N JS-N DNA-VP
Blue Merle c/w
Melodys Hard to Concentrate Melodys Aldebaran At Hifive
Melodys Whirlwind
Goldcrest I Candy For Xanadu McMatt's Ez Victor
Windfalls At Long Last